Hawthorne Valley Farm Wildflower Walks Scheduled, Columbia County

On Saturday, June 6th, 9:30-12:30, Russ Cohen, the author of “Wild Plants I have known.and eaten” will hold a Workshop on Edible Wild Plants at Hawthorne Valley Farm. The workshop is co-sponsored by the Columbia Land Conservancy and free of charge. Please register with Jennifer Brinker of CLC at jenny@clctrust.org or (518) 392-5252.

This season’s Hawthorne Valley Farm Ecology Walks (co-sponsored by the Columbia Land Conservancy) are scheduled for:

a.. Saturday, July 11th, 2pm: “Flowers of the Air and Earth: Butterflies and Meadow Plants”
b.. Saturday, August 15th, 2pm: “Getting Your Feet Wet: Aquatic Life”
c.. Saturday, September 12th, 2pm: “The Stars of Fall: Asters and Goldenrods”
d.. Saturday, October 17th, 2pm: “Color of the Wood: Forest Trees”
All Hawthorne Valley Farm Ecology Walks are free, require no registration and will start in front of the Hawthorne Valley Farmstore.

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