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Plant Photo Exhibition in Cohoes, NY

March 31, 2010

Naturalist/Photographer Frank Knight’s (NYFA Member)

Seventeen Native Orchids and a Weed

Opening Wine Reception

Friday, June 4th, 4 to 7 pm

Harmony House Marketplace

184-190 Remsen Street, Cohoes, NY 12047    Ph. 238-2232

Across from Smith’s Restaurant and Cohoes Farmer’s Market

Exhibition hours: M, T, 10 – 4 PM, W, Th, F 10 – 7 PM, Sat. 10 – 4 PM


New Plant ID Apps for the iPhone and iPad

March 28, 2010

If you haven’t looked lately at the Apps available on iTunes there are more and more plant identification guides available.  Here is a list of the ones I have found as of September 2012. Click on links for more info:

Florafolia – Native Plants of the Northeast $3.99

Audubon North American Wildflowers  $9.99

Botany Buddy – Tree and Shrub Finder $9.99

Landscapers Companion $9.99

Flower Pedia – Garden and Wildflowers $4.99

Wild-Flower – Wildflowers of France and Western Europe $4.99

North Woods Wildflowers $0.99

Flora of the British Isles $16.99

Wildflowers of Cedar Breaks National Monument

Flora Italiana Free

MyNature Tree Guide $6.99

Key to Woody Plants of Wisconsin Forests Free

Common Mushrooms of North America Pictoral $3.99

Wild Mushrooms of North America and Europe $1.99

Tree Id –  British Isles $3.99

Winter Tree Id- British Isles $3.99

Wild Flora of Central Europe $7.99

OrchidID – British Orchid Identifier $3.99

What do you know – Botanical Edition $0.99

TreeID – North American Trees $0.99

What Tree is That? $4.99

Trees PRO HD – North America and Europe $0.99

Australian Wildflowers $2.99

Plant Finder Italian Flora $2.99

US Trees $0.99

eTrees of North America $9.99

eFlowers of Eastern North America $7.99

Colorado Plants $0.99

Wildflowers of Central Texas $2.99

Wild-flowers of France and Western Europe $4.99

Northwest Mountain Wildflowers (US) $9.99

Santa Monica Mountains Wildflowers  Free

Great Smokey Mountain Wildflowers $4.99

California Wildflowers $9.99

Wildflowers of the Western Plains $9.99

Wildflowers Along the Way – Central and Southern Appalachians $9.99

Sierra Nevada Wildflowers $9.99

Joshua Tree National Park Wildflowers $9.99

Death Valley Wildflowers $9.99

Plants of San Gabriel Mountains $12.99

Wildflowers of Detriot Free

Alpine Flowers (German Alps) $4.99

Flora EU  – Wildflowers of Europe $5.99

Wild Orchids Borneo $2.99

Iberian Orchids $2.99

Some of these are good, some not so good. Read the reviews and please comment if you have these and recommend any one of them. If they work they ought to be awesome on the iPad.  All new field guides should be made available for the iPad and Little, Brown and Company should think about  publishing Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide for the iPad with updated taxonomy. – Steve Young

Image from Wildflowers Along the Way – Wildflower ID for the Central and Southern Appalachians

The Snowdrops Are Up in The Capital District

March 25, 2010

A sure sign of spring is the appearance of snowdrops in mid-March in our area. Even though it is not a native (from the Mediterranean region to the Caucasus Mountains) it is still good to see something green coming out of the ground. The Wall Street Journal published an article recently about some people’s obsession with snowdrops. See it HERE. Now we can keep our eyes out for coltsfoot although there are reports of it up Saratoga way. See the Saratoga Woods Blog on the sidebar. – Steve Young

See a video of how to identify snowdrops.

Johnathan Hanson for The Wall Street Journal

CCE Emerald Ash Borer Outreach Training Workshops

March 22, 2010

The Cornell Department of Natural Resources received a grant from USDA-APHIS to conduct a series of workshops in New York State establishing Cornell Cooperative Extension as the source of information and guidance to citizens and communities on the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

The EAB is a small beetle from Asia that is spreading throughout the Midwest since the mid 1990’s killing millions of native ash trees in urban and rural settings. It was first detected in western New York State in the summer of 2009 and will gradually spread throughout the state.

The goal of the Emerald Ash Borer Workshops is train CCE Educators and community volunteers as source for trusted information and guidance helping communities prepare for the eventual arrival of this devastating pest.
Fourteen 14 workshops are scheduled throughout the State. The target audience for these workshops is CCE educators, Master Gardeners, Master Forest Owners, Master Naturalists, members of NY’s Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs), foresters, tree care professionals, and land management professionals in county and municipal governments.

The workshops will cover topics of vital importance helping individuals and communities prepare for the arrival of the EAB and minimize the potentially devastating economic impacts.

Specific components of the workshop include: introduction and background to the EAB problem; basic EAB biology and identification; EAB control tactics; community stakeholder identification, EAB message development, and effective communication practices; and the design and development of EAB community action plans.

Each 3-hour workshop includes refreshments. DEC pesticide, SAF, ISA, CN/LP and ASLA rectification credits are available or were requested, call for details. We invited are CCE educators, County agency staff, PRISM volunteers and professional land managers. Information about the 249 Highland Avenue, Rochester venue may be addressed to Karen Klingenberger or Walt Nelson @ 461.1000. Registration for the Rochester session may be made at

Schedule of Emerald Ash Borer Educational Workshops for CCE

April 14, Wednesday. Allegany & Cattaraugus County CCE.
Contact: Lynn Bliven,, (585) 268-7644.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Ellicottville CCE office, 28 Parkside Drive, Ellicottville, NY. Registration: (716) 699-2377 x 125.

April 15, Thursday. Monroe County CCE.

Contact: Karen Klingenberger,, (585) 461.1000×225
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Monroe County CCE office, 249 Highland Ave., Rochester, NY. Registration:

April 16, Friday. Jefferson County CCE.

Contact: Sue Gwise,, (315) 788-8450.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Jefferson County CCE office, 203 Hamilton St., Watertown, NY. Registration: (315) 788-8450.

April 17, Saturday. Onondaga County CCE.
Contact: Jessi Lyons,, (315) 424-9485 x 233.
3 hr program, 8:30am to 11:30am, at the Red Mill Inn, 4 Syracuse Street,
Baldwinsville, NY;
Registration: (315)424-9485 x 0.

April 19, Monday. Greene County CCE.
Contact: Marilyn Wyman,, (518)622-9820 x 36.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at the Agroforestry Resource Center, 6055 Route 23, Acra, NY. Registration: (518) 622-9820 x 0.

April 20, Tuesday. Suffolk County CCE.

Contact: Caroline Kiang,, (631) 727-7850 x 337.
3 hr program, 10 am to 2pm at the Lecture Hall in the Sports & Exhibition Complex of the western campus of Suffolk County Community College, on Wicks Road just south of the LI Expressway exit 54 in Brentwood, NY. Registration: or (631) 727-7850 x 337.

April 21, Wednesday. Westchester County CCE.
Contact: Rick Harper,, (914) 285-2622.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave., White Plains, NY. Registration: Martha Mochbeichel,, or 914-285-4620.

April 24, Saturday. Ontario County CCE.
Contact: Jim Ochterski, , (585) 394-3977 x 402 or Russ Welser, (585) 394-3977 x436.
3 hr program, 8:30am to 11:30am at Ontario County CCE office, 480 N Main St., Canandaigua, NY. Registration: (585) 394-3977 x427 or

April 26, Monday. Steuben County CCE.

Contact: Brett Chedzoy,, (607) 535-7161.
2 hr program, 6pm to 8pm at the Civil Defense Center, 7220 Route 54, located on Route 54 between Bath and Hammondsport, NY, across from the Kwik Fill Gas station. Registration: (607) 664-2300.

April 29, Thursday. Chenango County CCE.

Contact: Rebecca Hargrave,, (607) 334-5841.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Sidney Memorial Public Library, 8 River St., Sidney, NY. Registration: (607) 334-5841.

April 30, Friday. Saratoga & Warren County CCE.
Contact: Laurel Gailor,, (518) 623-3291.
3 hr program, 1pm to 4pm at Saratoga County CCE office, 50 West High Street, Ballston Spa, NY. Registration: (518) 623-3291.

May 1, Saturday. Saratoga & Warren County CCE.
Contact: Laurel Gailor,, (518) 623-3291.
3 hr program, 8:30am to 11:30am at Saratoga County CCE office, 50 West High Street, Ballston Spa, NY. Registration: (518) 623-3291.

May 3, Monday. Essex County CCE.
Contact: Emily Selleck,, (518) 962-4810 x 408.
3 hr program, 8:30am to 11:30am at Essex County CCE office, 3 Sisco St., Westport, NY. Registration: (518) 962-4810 x 403.

May 15, Saturday. Western New York. TENTATIVE.

Contact: Lutie Batt,, (585) 786-2251.