Need a Summer Job in Botany in the Finger Lakes?

Region: Finger Lakes
Worksite: Cornell (Corson Hall) and several natural areas and farms in the Finger Lakes region
Term: Summer 2016
Start: mid-May
End: late-August
Title: Field botany and agroecology field and lab research assistant
Description: We are seeking a motivated and independent individual with experience in botanical fieldwork to help conduct plant vegetation surveys and associated lab work this summer. The work will assist in the broader research agenda of understanding how plant resources in agricultural landscapes influence communities of beneficial farmland arthropods, including pollinators and natural enemies. Primary field tasks will include: marking out sampling plots, conducting plant surveys, and collecting plants. Primary lab tasks will include: preparation for fieldwork (possibly including communication with landowners), preserving plant specimens, keying out plants that could not be identified in the field, data entry, and compiling published information on plant characteristics (e.g., flowering period). Plant surveys will occur in plots located in various natural areas and agricultural fields in the Finger Lakes region. Travel to field sites from Ithaca will be provided, although having a driver’s license is preferable to allow for some flexibility.
Individuals with skills in plant identification are encouraged to apply. Exceptional applicants without much botanical experience but a strong desire to learn will also be considered. Fieldwork will occur rain or shine, and may include uncomfortably hot or buggy conditions. Therefore, a strong constitution and love for the outdoors (and getting dirty!) is important.
This position will be a good fit for a hard-working individual who desires to develop a strong skillset in agroecological and botanical research, who enjoys working outside, and who wants to improve their understanding of the ecosystems in the region. Some opportunities may also be available for GIS analysis, if interested. Work will be supervised by Aaron Iverson, a postdoctoral researcher (Alison Power lab), who will work closely with the student.
Special Requirements: Ability to work outdoors all day, even in poor weather. Good attitude, strong work ethic, and a sense of humor. Good communication, organization, and attention to detail.
Work Schedule: Tentatively 7am-5pm Mon through Thurs (full-time, 4 days/week), including travel time.
TO APPLY: Please send a brief note describing why you are interested in the job and your experience in field botany and/or field ecology. Please also include a resume or CV and the names, titles, and email addresses of 2-3 reference contacts (e.g., supervisors from previous/current jobs, professors, mentors). Please send all materials to

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