Eastern North America Yarrow Study Needs Your Help

Assistant Professor Justin Ramsey from the University of Rochester is studying eastern North American Yarrow (Achillea) species. He would like to do some chloroplast sequencing and cytotyping of populations to distinguish native vs. introduced plants.

If interested people stumble across Achillea populations this spring/summer, he would definitely like to incorporate their collections into his sampling.
He would be interested in populations from natural grassland environments (alpine, lakeshores, rocky outcrops) as well as more disturbed areas (roadsides, old fields, ditches) throughout the northeast U.S. and Canada.

He is hoping to measure leaf/stem traits in a common garden experiment next summer so would be interested in live plants if possible– small leafy stems with a bit of rhizome and root material transport really well. He could provide collection suggestions, boxes and pre-paid Fed-Ex receipts if that would be helpful.

Thanks again for any assistance you can provide and he will keep you informed of his findings regarding the eastern yarrows.

Justin Ramsey
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Rochester
213 Hutchison Hall, River Campus
Rochester, NY 14627-0211

Phone: 585-273-5481
Fax: 585-275-2070
Email: justin_ramsey@mac.com
Website: http://web.mac.com/justin_ramsey/

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