A Variety of White Pale Impatiens

From Steve Young: I was down along the Mohawk Bike Trail in Niskayuna, Sche. Co. this afternoon and saw a many white flowers of the pale impatiens, then I saw them with extra lobes on the petals. I had never noticed them before. Photos below.

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3 Comments on “A Variety of White Pale Impatiens”

  1. nyflora Says:

    I ran across a publication on Google Books from 1877 that mentions seeing white flowers on pale jewelweed.

  2. Wow! That is just so fascinating! Are you sure this isn’t another species altogether, maybe a new mutation? Have you ever seen this variation before?

    • nyflora Says:

      Must be a new mutation since they were on the same plant as normal yellow flowers. I didn’t check the internet to see if others have seen them before.

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