Shelf Fungus With Leaf Imprints

From Steve Young: While climbing up Dial Mountain in the Adirondacks recently my son Alex found these imprints of leaves on the top of a shelf fungus. It looks like they may have landed on the fungus as it was finishing its growth and the imprints were made. This is the first time we have ever seen anything like this.fungi with leaf imprints

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3 Comments on “Shelf Fungus With Leaf Imprints”

  1. Kathie Hodge Says:

    Nice find. This looks to me like Ganoderma applanatum, the artist’s conk. When they get going they shed a kazillion brown spores, which blow back over the fruiting body and often cover the host log too like some kind of weird cinnamon explosion. So my hypothesis is that the leaves are still there, stuck to the top of the fruiting body, and that the whole thing is covered by a thick dust of basidiospores.

  2. That is so amazing! That boy Alex always has his eyes peeled. Is the leaf tissue still there, imbedded in the fungus material, or did the leaves blow or wash away after making the prints?

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