A Nature Blog to Follow: Fish Creek Saratoga

Here is a beautiful new blog about the nature of Fish Creek, a tributary of Saratoga Lake.

From the Intro to Jackie Callahan’s blog: I have been in love with nature most of my adult life. This passion first began with my desire to draw wildflowers. Then, I began to be curious about all of the other beautiful and interesting things I was seeing around me: insects, birds, trees, etc., and I was inspired to draw these, as well. Eventually, I began to immerse myself more deeply into my study of the natural world. I started the practice of keeping a nature-journal. It was specifically about my outings in my kayak on Fish Creek, an outlet of Saratoga Lake. I described what I saw, made sketches, took photographs, etc., as a result, I have a twelve-year study of the natural history of Fish Creek. These records have been a source of inspiration for me, for: songs, drawings, paintings, poetry, and stories. I have self-published a book, The Wildflowers of Saratoga National Historical Park, and I illustrated Skidmore College professor, Sue Van Hook’s book, Treasure in the Northwoods, but my first love is the journal I have kept on Fish Creek. I would like to use this blog to share excerpts of that journal with kindred spirits: nature- lovers, artists, poets, musicians, etc., all over the world.

Follow Jackie’s blog at: http://birdsbutterfliesblossoms.blogspot.com

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