A Web-based Flora for Tompkins County, New York

From Anna Stalter: The Tompkins County Flora (TCF) is a web-based effort to document the occurrence and distribution of native and naturalized vascular plants of Tompkins County, New York, based on specimens that are housed in the herbarium of the L. H. Bailey Hortorium (BH), Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University. Beginning in 2005, a subset of representative specimens from BH were selected and label data from each was entered into a database. Each specimen record includes the species name, the date and location of collection, the name of the collector and associated collection number, and any other descriptive information that appears on the specimen label. Users can view and search the records at the Plant Systematics Database. As of July 2006, the TCF lists 563 genera and 1426 species of vascular plants. Specimen records are being continually added to the database, which will eventually include records for all ~20000 Tompkins county plant specimens in BH. There will also be an effort to determine which Tompkins county species are lacking in the BH collection, with the expectation that new specimens will be added as needed. It is hoped that interested local botanists and naturalists will collaborate with this effort to document our local flora, adding new records, providing images, mapping information, and descriptions of the plants and habitats of Tompkins county. For more information about the TCF, or to get involved, please contact the Project Coordinator, Anna Stalter (ams15@cornell.edu).

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