Will Cheap Aerial Drones Improve Plant Surveys?

From Steve Young – Inventors are coming up with cheaper and cheaper aerial drones that may be used to look at plants in inaccessible areas like deep marshes, cliffs and in the canopy.  I have not seen any of them being used for this purpose yet but it is a matter of time and money.  Click Here to see a video of a drone controlled by an iPhone.  Who will be the first person to make a new botanical discovery using one of these drones?

Parrot Microdrone

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3 Comments on “Will Cheap Aerial Drones Improve Plant Surveys?”

  1. Actually, using NVIR we are already doing crop surveys with UAS, its regulation that is stopping you seeing more around.

    The ARparrot drone will probably not see production as there have been issues…..

  2. That is so cool! I think YOU should get one and be the first to make a new botanical discovery. I’m growing ever more leery of crawling around in the woods, as I pull several deer ticks off me each time I go out. So maybe I should get one. But where’s the fun in that?

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