Do You Know What a Novel Ecosystem Is?

The concept of Novel Ecosystems is gaining traction in the conservation community and will have implications with how preserves and other natural areas are managed (less management of invasive species for example).  In the words of one ecologist, “Novel systems will require significant revision of conservation and restoration norms and practices away from the traditional place-based focus on existing or historical assemblages.” If you are interested in how many conservationists are thinking about the future you should become familiar with this new philosophy. It has many implications about the future of our flora in New York.

For more information go to the Google search page for this topic HERE.

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3 Comments on “Do You Know What a Novel Ecosystem Is?”

  1. I think that is the reaction of many to this.

  2. ADKtransplant Says:

    Now we can have a citation for giving up!

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