Soft Fox Sedge (Carex conjuncta) Rediscovered in New York.

Botanist David Werier rediscovered this state endangered sedge in Chemung County this summer. It had not been seen in the state since a specimen was collected in 1966 in Rensselaer County and was listed as state historical by the New York Natural Heritage Program. This species is similar to Carex vulpinoidea and Carex alopecoidea and was collected fewer than 10 times before in New York –  in the counties of Chemung, Herkimer, Oneida, Saratoga and Westchester. It may be overlooked because of its similarity to the previously mentioned species and a good description and photos of it with a comparison to those species can be found at the website for Illinois wildflowers. Click here to see the description. Congratulations David! – Steve Young

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