Talk on Native Plants at State Museum October 4th.

Fort Orange Garden Club

Albany, New York

Is  Pleased  to  Present

Dr. Douglas W. Tallamy

Author of: Bringing Nature Home

How you can sustain wildlife with native plants.

Monday, October 4, 2010 – 7 PM

New York State Museum, Hudson Auditorium

225 Madison Avenue, Albany, New York

Copies of Bringing Nature Home will be for sale

Admission:  $12.00 in advance; $15.00 at the door; seating is limited

Mail check, payable to FOGC, to Fort Orange Garden Club,

6 Carriage Hill Dr., Latham, New York 12110-4947

Free parking after 6 PM in lot adjacent to Museum and on the street.

Dr. Tallamy is a well known and highly respected scientist and is chair of the Department of Entomology at the University of Delaware. His book Bringing Nature Home won the Garden Writers Association of America Silver Medal in 2008 Doug argues that the choices we make as gardeners can profoundly impact the diversity of life in our yards, communities, and planet. All plants are not created equal in their ability to support wildlife, especially the birds and butterflies we so cherish in our yards.  In his book he gives a justification for the liberal use of native plants, shrubs, and trees in our landscape. He also gives us a new appreciation of the role of insects in his version of the Great Chain of Being.   He asks us to re-evaluate our centuries old love affair with alien ornamentals and to aggressively fight invasive aliens.  But above all, he argues for going native! His book gives a clear sense of the interrelationship of plants, insects, birds, butterflies, other wildlife, and humankind.  By favoring native plants over aliens, we as gardeners can do much to sustain the biodiversity that has been our country’s richest asset.  This diversity has been threatened by suburban sprawl, the paving of over 400 million linear miles of road, and our love affair with the perfect lawn.

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