Fellowship Available at Mohonk Preserve, Ulster County

Mohonk Preserve is once again pleased to announce our 2010-2011 fellowship opportunities under the Loewy-Mohonk Preserve Liaison Fellowship program.   Located in the northern Shawangunk Mountains of eastern New York State, the Mohonk Preserve protects nearly 7,000 acres of land. The condition of the Preserve’s forest have degraded due to more than 50 years of fire suppression,  white-tailed deer browsing impacts, and the increasing presence of invasive species.  The Mohonk Preserve is seeking to restore the viability of natural communities, native species and the ecological processes they depend on. Forest restoration at a landscape scale will require an integrated management approach to abate the multiple threats that have been identified. It will also depend on a shared vision of desired future conditions and commitment to implementation, monitoring and adaptive management.  Through the 2010-11 Loewy-Mohonk Preserve Liaison Fellowship, up to $10,000 will be awarded to a project (or projects) that will contribute to the understanding and conservation of this ecologically significant landscape.

The program guidelines and announcement flyer listing some of our highest priority subjects and information about the Daniel Smiley Research Center can be found on our website at http://www.mohonkpreserve.org/index.php?jobs-internship#loewy

Should you be interested in applying for a fellowship, please take a look at the guidelines at the link above or feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested.

Deadline for applications is November 30th 2010.

Our fellowship opportunities are made possible through funding from The Loewy Family Foundation, Inc.

Please contact Paul Huth, Director of Research, or John Thompson, Natural Resources Specialist at the Mohonk Preserve if you have questions or need further information.

Paul Huth – 845-255-5969, fax: 845-255-1018



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