Lake Champlain Basin Program in the News

From the LCBP Website:

Lake Champlain Clean-Up Plan Signed

The Lake Champlain Basin Program hosted a signature event for Opportunities for Action, the long-term management plan for Lake Champlain on Tuesday, November 30, 2010. Vermont Governor Jim Douglas signed the plan, committing Vermont to many actions to clean-up Lake Champlain. New York Governor Paterson’s signature was presented by Betsy Lowe, NYSDEC Region 5 Director. Stephen Perkins and George Pavlou presented EPA signatures from the Boston and New York EPA offices.  Québec’s Premier Jean Charest, represented by Jean Pierre Laflamme from Québec’s Boston office, delivered an endorsement of support for Opportunities for Action.

The new plan identifies eight goal for Lake Champlain; chief among them are reducing phosphorus, preventing toxic contamination, managing aquatic invasive species, and implementing educational programs to increase public involvement in the stewardship of the Lake.  For the website and more details CLICK HERE.

This is good news for the native flora that lives in and around the lake – Steve Young.

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