Is There a Complete Illustrated Online Plant Glossary?

I have been looking for a complete illustrated plant glossary that would be accessible online. The closest I have come is one called the Botanical Visual Glossary by the LSU herbarium another by Arieh Tal that use photos to show plant parts with little arrows.  This is a good start and I hope they continue adding more terms and more photos to their terms in this fashion. Maybe one of our readers knows of another online glossary that I am missing. My ultimate wish would be to have online dichotomous keys (I have a hard time with random access interactive keys; I don’t think you learn characters as well with them) that would have hotlinks to photos or short videos to the descriptive words or phrases in the couplets. – Steve Young

Photo showing the term "revolute" in the Tal glossary

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2 Comments on “Is There a Complete Illustrated Online Plant Glossary?”

  1. Angelyn Says:

    Another website I enjoy for its clear photographs which illustrate different terms is:

    What’s also fun is that these are all plants native to New Zealand so I get to see plants I don’t typically find around me in North Carolina.

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi Steve,

    In addition to the two you list above, here are a few others that I have found useful:

    Don’s Garden (Leaf Shapes List and Glossary pages):

    Wayne’s Word (all thing botanical):

    vPlants (online plant glossary from Plants of the Chicago Region):


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