The Authors of the Cyperaceae of Maine Need a Few Photos

Glen Mittelhauser is in the final stages of compiling and editing a field guide to the Cyperaceae of Maine (collaborative effort with Alison Dibble, Matt Arsenault, Don Cameron, Jill Weber, Sally Rooney, and Arthur Haines) and is on track for having this guide published in the next year or two.  The field guide has numerous color photos throughout, with photos of many key characters needed for field identification of each species.  They are slowly picking away on the list of taxa for which they have no photos.  They need photos of the 6 taxa below that they would like to use in their publication (just about any photos would do for these species).  They will give full photographer credit for any donated photos.
Carex macloviana
Carex praegracilis
Carex rariflora
Cyperus houghtonii
Eleocharis intermedia
Eleocharis nitida

If you have a photos of one or more of these species, contact

Glen Mittelhauser, Biologist
Maine Natural History Observatory
317 Guzzle Road
Gouldsboro, ME 04607

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