Orchid Information is Endless

Orchids are one of the most popular plant groups in the world and New York  is  no exception.  There are many websites, blogs and Facebook pages on the subject. For New York you can start with an article by Chuck Sheviak and myself on the orchids that appeared last June in the Conservationist.

On Facebook there is the Native Orchid Conservation Page which has a lot of information and links.

Below are some other interesting websites:

Central NY Orchid Society’s Native Orchids of New York

Northeastern New York Orchid Society, Albany, NY

The Florida Native Orchid Blog

Native Orchid Conservation Inc.

The Orchid Conservation Coalition

That’s enough for now.  Explore the web for many more. Fun fact: New York has more orchid species than Hawaii. – Steve Young

Orange Fringed Orchid about to bloom on Long Island. Photo Steve Young.

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