New Field Guide to the Carex of New England Available

This is another great Carex reference for New York with extensive illustrations, keys, comparison tables, and descriptions for each species.  It was written by Dr. Lisa A. Standley, and has been published by the New England Botanical Club.  To purchase, send a check for $26.00 payable to the New England Botanical Club to: Lisa Standley, VHB, 101 Walnut Street, Watertown MA 02472.

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3 Comments on “New Field Guide to the Carex of New England Available”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Do you think this would also be of help here in Michigan?

    • nyflora Says:

      Definitely a lot of the same species as Michigan so it would help. You could compare the the Michigan list of Carex to the index in this publication and see which ones are left out.

    • Steve Grund Says:

      It probably will be of help in Michigan, and one cannot have too many references when working with difficult groups like Carex. Keep in mind, though, that Volume 1 of Michigan Flora has perhaps the best keys and useful comments about sedges you will find anywhere, and an updated version with the invaluable insights of Tony Reznicek is available online at — Steve Grund

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