Our Disappearing Flora and Deer

The deleterious effect of too many deer on native vegetation has been known for some decades now and many studies have been done in New York. Unfortunately we are still unable to change policy and practices to reduce the deer herd to levels where our vegetation can recover.  Two recent articles have come out demonstrating how far we have to go to tackle this problem and save our flora from the ravages of overabundant deer.  One is a report by Tom Rawinski on his visit to see deer exclosures on Shelter Island.  The other is a pair of articles about the loss of the flora from deer herbivory in Letchworth State Park by Doug Bassett and Steph Spittal. – Steve Young

CLICK HERE for the Shelter Island story.

CLICK HERE for the Letchworth story.

CLICK HERE for a deer story from East Hampton.

Some rare plants must be fenced in at Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island to protect them from the deer.

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