New York Natural Heritage Program Conservation Guides Back Online – With a Few Caveats

The Natural Heritage Conservation Guides are an important resource for information on rare species and natural communities in New York. Back in the spring the server that housed the information was hacked and damaged beyond repair. It has taken months to reconstruct the database and find a new server that would handle the guides. Through the tireless work of database manager Dave Marston, with assistance from other staff members, the guides are now back online. The basic information is there but there are some things still missing that have to be updated. The first page of a guide has a warning message that needs to be removed, photographs and maps need to be restored, a link to making PDFs doesn’t work yet, and advanced searches still needs to be fixed. This will take a few more weeks but most of the important information is there. These guides receive thousands of hits every month and we’re glad that they are available again. We use them a lot too! – Steve Young

A screen shot of the plant guides list. You can also organize the plants by scientific name.

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