Article: Plant Taxonomists are Fading Away

The Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday about the lack of taxonomists in the world and how fewer young people are taking their place.  As an aging taxonomist and plant explorer myself I have noted this trend for years, as well as the decline of botanical studies in our schools and universities.  I have also felt the thrill of discovery many times, in the tropics (see Arthrostylidium youngianum) and in New York, and I hope we can hand that down to more young scientists who will decide to become plant taxonomists. There is still a lot to be discovered out there! – Steve Young

To read the WSJ article CLICK HERE.

Plant taxonomists are hardy souls that will go anywhere to find a new species. Connie Tedesco and Donna Vogler explore a marsh.

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One Comment on “Article: Plant Taxonomists are Fading Away”

  1. Bernard Says:

    im proud to be a plant taxonomist.

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