Newcomb’s Gets a New Cover

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide received a new look that changed the old yellow-border wildflower cover to a new one featuring a wildflower meadow leading to a shack and a blue title area. The inside has not changed with taxonomy that is very out-of-date. See our sidebar with a link to the updated names.


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3 Comments on “Newcomb’s Gets a New Cover”

  1. My pal Jackie said it all: Phooey! Like her, I got all excited and ready to shuck out a few bucks for a new edition – but I won’t be doing that just for a new cover!

  2. The changes will never stop coming but at least they could update it to something more current.

  3. Oh phooey! I got all excited, seeing that new cover and expecting a new edition. I suppose the editors won’t update the taxonomy until they’re sure there are no more changes to come.

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