Bark: A New Field Guide to Northeastern Trees

Here is a book that has not been done before but is a great help to identifying trees in the winter or when the leaves and buds are too high off the ground to ID easily. As it says in the Foreword, why hasn’t this done before, especially in an area where the trees are leafless for so long?  Many field guides to trees include photos of the bark but this one has color photos from different ages of the trees to show how bark changes over the life of the tree. There is a nice introduction about the structure and different kinds of bark as well as bark ecology. Make sure you read this section before using the rest of the book. Michael focuses on 67 species of native trees that grow over 30 feet tall. He advises caution when using it in urban parks and streets where many exotics are planted. A series of illustrated keys gets you to the right group of trees which are well illustrated and described. This book will be a great addition to other tree books that we use in the field. No native tree shall go unidentified!

For more info on the book and Michael’s speaking schedule (close to Eastern New York and one in the Catskills in July) click on his website below. – Steve Young


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