The List of Plant ID Apps is Growing

The list of iPhone and iPad apps for plant identification is now up to 45 on our blog post.  Click Here to see the post and the list that includes apps from around the world.  We don’t have enough money to download and review them all but some look pretty nice while others look thrown together.  We couldn’t find any for the graminoids but they may be coming eventually.

One of the many screens that help you identify wildflowers of the Central and Southern Appalachians.

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One Comment on “The List of Plant ID Apps is Growing”

  1. dokmaidogma Says:

    Most handy! Here in the jungles of northern Thailand we sometimes use Flora of China which is online. Flora of Thailand which began 40 years ago only cover half of the species. It is still not online and so you need pony to bring literature to the jungle. Making an ID is tricky. Most welcome here if any New Yorker needs a break. Cheers, Ketsanee and Eric, Dokmai Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand (

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