Carline Thistle Seen in Otsego County

Until now, the Carline thistle (Carlina vulgaris) has only been recorded for Cortland and Tompkins County, New York (see NYFA Atlas). Recently it was seen naturalized in fields in Otsego County by NYFA board member and botanist Connie Tedesco. The USDA Plants database only has it occurring in New York and New Jersey.  It is a Eurasian species that was introduced in the mid-1900s to New York.

The information at the NY state museum for this species shows it was collected for the first time in Cortland County in August, 1948 by R.T. Clausen “SE of Dryden Lake, Harford.” It was seen again south of Harford Mills in Cortland County by Stanley Smith Sept. 17, 1955. This is on the border of Tioga County. Arthur Cronquist reported it to the museum as common and spreading in Ithaca in 1983.

Is this a new invasive species on the move? If you see this plant naturalizing in your area please leave a comment at this blog entry.  Thanks. – Steve Young

Plants from an Otsego County field. Photos Connie Tedesco.

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2 Comments on “Carline Thistle Seen in Otsego County”

  1. Michael Hough Says:

    To add to the Cortland County records, it was collected in 1969 along the Gracie railroad tracks in Cortland (specimen at SUNY Cortland) and in a small rocky field behind a house on Clark Street in Little York in 2001 (specimen at Bailey Hortorium).

  2. Anna Stalter Says:

    This species was collected in Sharon Springs NY (Schoharie County) in 2007. Specimen at Bailey Hortorium.

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