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Massachusetts Spring Plant Quiz

April 3, 2011

This quiz comes to us from Salicicola, a website for native plants of Eastern Massachusetts. To take the quiz CLICK HERE.


A Flurry of Flora Flashcards

March 7, 2011

Look on the website and you will see many sets of electronic flashcards that can be used to test your knowledge of the flora of a variety of areas from states (Ohio, North Carolina) to local flora. For New Yorkers, you should try the Ohio set since it has a majority of species that are in both states.  Someone should make sets for New York plant groups. To access the site CLICK HERE and have fun! – Steve Young

Wildflowers of Central New York Video

February 26, 2011

This is a simple slideshow of common wildflowers with birds singing in the background.  The photographer needs to work on his focus but it’s nice to see these in the winter and anticipate things to come.  Try to guess what they are as they come up (don’t look at the caption!).

Labor Day Holiday Plant Quiz

September 6, 2009

These two woody plants with long compound leaves were seen along the Mohawk bike trail in Schenectady County.  Can you guess what they are? Click on photos for a larger image.

The first plant is on the first row:

The second plant is on the second row:

Good luck!

Plant Quiz Gets Its Own Link

May 7, 2009

You can now access the weekday plant quiz by clicking on the link in the right sidebar under Blogroll.  Have fun! – Steve Young

Answers to maple flower quiz

April 28, 2009

Number 1: Red maple male flowers.  Everything is red!

Number 2: Silver maple female flowers: The fruits are hairy.

Number 3: Boxelder maple male flowers: The stamens are very long.

Number 4: Norway maple perfect flowers: Large petals and bright yellow-green.

Maple flower plant quiz

April 26, 2009

Look at the images below and see if you can guess to which species they belong.  Maple trees are polygamodioecious.  Some are all male and some are all female but sometimes parts of the tree can have male flowers and some parts female.   Answers tomorrow.