Plants of St. Lawrence County Book Now Available!

Local botanists Nancy Eldblom & Anne Johnson have just published the Plants of St. Lawence County, New York.

Contains write-ups of over 1,300 plants growing wild in St. Lawrence County–

  • Learn if a plant has been found in the county
  • where in the county it grows
  • how common it is
  • when it blooms
  • if it’s rare or an invasive alien

Documents flora of rarely-botanized area, based on 27 years of field work.

With its concise and detailed yet plainly worded entries, this book will help us all to better appreciate the plants in our woods and meadows and also those right outside our doors.  I truly wish it had been available years ago at the start of my plant observing” —Martha Grow, Certified Naturalist.

263 page paperback available for $22.95 at local bookstores, and from the publisher, Bloated Toe Publishing, PO Box 324, Peru NY 12972 (

For inquiries call (315) 322-4058.

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3 Comments on “Plants of St. Lawrence County Book Now Available!”

  1. […] friend Anne, a famous St Lawrence County botanist, scouted locations for me this year. Anne, Barb and Ted were my assistants. We were a well oiled […]

  2. Mark Kane Says:

    Elizabeth Rodeno suggested this book to me and indeed I’m interested, though I live in the distant biome of Des Moines.

  3. K Murray Says:

    I am so excited about this book!

    I am an avid gardener and this will be a wonderful addition to my collection.

    Thank you so much for the years of hard work and dedication that it took to create this work.

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