Have You Seen Giant Hogweed? Call the Giant Hogweed Hotline!

If you have seen giant hogweed in New York call the NYSDEC Giant Hogweed Hotline (845)256-3111. The hotline is a place for people to report new sites, ask questions about the plant and how to control it, and connect with our statewide control project.

Giant hogweed is giant!

Another giant hogweed resource is our NYSDEC giant hogweed web page http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/39809.html which provides information about the plant, how to identify it, how to control it, a map of NY state sites, and more.
Read the attached document for more information about our hotline, statewide control project, what to tell the public when they call and how you can help.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Naja Kraus
DEC Forest Health & Protection Program Botanist
Giant Hogweed Program Coordinator
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