Botanists Becoming Endangered Species

An alarming trend has been identified in natural areas management—and it has nothing to do with climate change! However, it does involve the potential loss of a ‘keystone species’ in the natural areas field: the botanist.”  Natural Areas News 2012

A recent study and report by the Natural Areas Association identifies the plight of botany in the U.S. – some which we know all too well. A New York botanist recently said, “Frankly, it’s probably already too late, as we’ve lost the key generation that should have carried real botanical knowledge across the gap to the present.” Let’s hope not.

There is also a list of recommendations. For the report CLICK HERE.

Botanist John Wiley surveys for endangered plants along Seneca Lake. Are botanists endangered too?

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2 Comments on “Botanists Becoming Endangered Species”

  1. Tree Top Says:

    Essentially, for most any natural science degree to be useful, botany included, it has to be an advanced degree. There are botanist positions in the 40-60K salary range out there, but like everything, you have to pay your dues first.

  2. Blue Says:

    Unfortunately, I have a bachelor’s degree in Botany, and despite being passionate about systematics and taxonomy in particular, I find that 1) I can’t afford grad school, and 2) have been unable to find a job in my field that will both pay for living expenses for a single person (including housing, food, clothing and student loans, and in my case an old used car paid for out of a tax return) & and also have health insurance – in the last 5 years since I graduated. Not a big pull for students to major in something like that.

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