Citizen Science Projects With Plants at Project Noah

The website and smartphone apps of Project Noah make up a citizen science project that has users create “missions” where people can contribute  information and photos on plants and animals across the globe as well as communicate with other people on the mission. Searching for missions in “New York” you get the following list of missions that include plants:

Wildflowers of New York State – sponsored by NYFA!

Flowers of North America

Great Pollinator Project of NYC

Wildflowers of North America

Ferns of Northeastern U.S.

Plants of Pennsylvania

Flora and Fauna of Prospect Park Brooklyn

Leaves of North America

Grasses of the Northeast

Nature of New York

Fall into Phenology

Weeds of NYC

NYC Parks Life

Northeastern Freshwater Wetland Wildlife and Vegetation

More information about the purpose of the project is HERE.

It has teacher resources so you can use it for a nature study curriculum and it has also been used for bioblitzes. The nice part is that you can use your smartphone to enter data quick and easy but of course since it can be used by everyone, the quality of the reports are not always the best.

Explore the site and see what you think. If you like the idea, join the Wildflowers of New York State and start entering data! – Steve Young

This is the title page of the iPhone app.

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